The namesake of Weingut Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium, Friedrich Wilhelm III (1770–1840), has FRITZ WILLI now as his own wine, the “FRITZ WILLI” Riesling. FRITZ WILLI is a modern and self-deprecating ambassador of his wine and the Mosel wine region. He is not only a wine expert but also a globetrotter, explorer, and enlightener – of course, with a lot of diligence, precision, and discipline, but, above all, entertaining, knowledgeable, and always with a twinkle in his eye.

‘s birth

Well, the namesake of Friedrich Wilhelm III is born in Potsdam, the former Prussian stronghold. FRITZ WILLI comes naturally from the Mosel.

in the vineyard

The grapes come from challenging steep-slope sites of the region, which require, in the Prussian manner, a lot of discipline, diligence, and perseverance. Unfortunately, FRITZ WILLI, with his Prussian roots, doesn’t have the feet for inclinations, like a true Moselaner. It’s strenuous for him to find good footing in the steep slope.

in the cellar

FRITZ WILLI can’t decide between tradition and modernity. He puts the grape must for his wine partly in traditional Mosel Fuder casks to begin fermentation spontaneously and the other part in stainless-steel tanks. In the bottle, both make a Riesling, which FRITZ WILLI loves to drink.

‘s taste

FRITZ WILLI Riesling has a classic Mosel liveliness, with juicy fruit and a dry mineral finish. It’s both a party wine and versatile with a variety of dishes and, thanks to its authenticity, it meets the everyday demands of Riesling connaisseurs.

‘s culinary delights

FRITZ WILLI likes to chill out, put his feet up, and enjoy one or more glasses of Mosel Riesling in good company. He’s earned it, after so much disciplined, sweaty work on steep slopes. Good honest dishes without too much silverware shouldn’t be missing.